Sicilia Naturalmente - Pasta Siciliana

Sicily naturally comes from a great family work experience on Sicilian dry pasta. Sicily, of course, is the daughter of a better-known brand but that has not been on the market for a few years. A brand that has made the history of dry pasta in Sicily for more than 100 years and that today has had to evolve, adapting to the new needs of a digital and global market, while keeping faith to tradition and quality. Sicily, of course, is the synthesis of a great experience and a strong passion, updated and renewed in order to give more and more adequate answers to the new demands of the most demanding consumers, more and more informed, attentive to their health and well-being, with a constant search for products of great quality and strong territoriality. Margherita Tomasello wanted to continue its entrepreneurial history starting from the origins of the family company, offering an artisan and non-industrial product, as did Pastificio Tomasello at the beginning of its history, with the same passion, care and dedication, to create a product that spoke of our Sicily, with the flavors, smells and colors of our land. The choice of Sicilian grains is accurate and careful in order to ensure quality and goodness. The slow drying in static cells alone keeps intact the taste and smell of freshly ground wheat. Today, Sicily naturally represents the modernity of tradition, the most accurate product in every detail, the expression of an entrepreneurial force that believes in Sicily and wants to continue dreaming. Sicily is of course dedicated to all those who take care of their health and their land: "I never lost heart; after the closure of the company I traveled a lot of Sicily to look for good craftsmen who did the product as I always wanted. Today, I have created intense and rewarding collaborations, both professionally and humanly. I never stopped believing and especially I never stopped believing in myself. Only by continuing to believe you can tell the success of your life".

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