Emilio Costanzo - Origami di carta

Emilio Costanzo, born in 1948, is a Bagherese artist who from retirement began to practice the technique of paper origami or the art of obtaining, folding several times a sheet following precise geometric patterns, figures of historical characters, objects, flowers, animals and above all Sicilian symbols such as the Sicilian cart or blades of prickly pears. It is a real creation of works of art through the use of paper and more specifically through the recycling of scratch cards. Emilio tried to work with many materials such as wood or plastic, until he found the perfect material for his works of art: the paper of 'scratch cards'. In fact, this material allowed him to create sculptures, works and paintings through origami, in a free, simple and durable. Today it boasts an exhibition of sculptures created from 3D paper origami. With time and constancy, he became famous throughout the territory of Palermo. His works are artisanal and inspired by Sicily, a land that Emilio loves and respects.

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