Amarisiciliani - Semplici, artigianali, siciliani

Amarisiciliani - Simple, artisanal, Sicilian born from the desire to amaze by combining ancient gastronomic traditions with innovative insights related to the Sicilian territory. The company produces bitter and liqueurs in an artisan way, using only seasonal raw materials and makes expeditions all over the world. Amarisiciliani, therefore, was born with the aim of recovering the old traditions and flavors of the past. From the best raw material that our land produces to the production of liqueurs in an artisan way , from labels made by hand to the filling of individual bottles all in a simple and natural way. Here is a list of the products you find on uScont: Amaru Sabbenerica is a bitter made with artichoke, laurel, lemon and other herbs. It has an intense and enveloping aroma that captures you from the first sip. The word Sabbenerica is an ancient expression or rather an ancient greeting used until the '50s by Sicilian grandparents and great-grandparents. It literally means "blessed". It was precisely a form of blessing that was exchanged in the streets of the Sicilian countries. Solitamente al “sabbenerica” si rispondeva “a lei e all’amici” o più raramente “santu e riccu” (Che tu sia santo e ricco), come forma di augurio di una splendida giornata. Once upon a time, the Allorino is a liqueur made with a carefully selected infusion of only bay leaves and its name comes from the reference to the grinder, an artisan profession that consisted in the grinding and sharpening of the blades. The legendary catchphrase, obviously modified by us was: "women, the knife knife has arrived: sharpens knives, scissors, scissors...". Laurel is commonly used to relieve colic, upset stomach and to promote digestion. It is also useful to help alleviate fever and flu states. Turiddu instead is the exaltation of the best product existing in our wonderful region, the lemon. In particular it is made with lemon Verdello, harvested in the months from July to September. Turiddu is also the name we gave to the protagonist of all our labels, and is a reinterpretation of a typical Sicilian name, Salvatore. Finally, the fig is made with Sicilian Ficodindia, precisely in the area of Roccapalumba; the fruit soon became a typical element in the panorama of the Mediterranean basin, where it found the ideal climatic conditions to develop; has therapeutic and purifying properties, as well as moisturizing. The finished product has a sweet taste as the fruit itself, despite the few calories, contains a sweet taste very pleasant to the palate. Vossia - your lordship, liqueur made with only peels of Sicilian Lime, the area of Syracuse. Very intense taste and smell of this beautiful citrus, make it a multipurpose product, perfect for the preparation of drinks and excellent even after meals.

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